Recipe for Homemade Dulce de Leche

Dulce de Leche, the name itself is enough to make your mouth water. This sweet, caramel-like confection is a beloved reward in several Latin American countries, with its origins tracing back to Argentina and Uruguay. But did you understand you can easily make this decadent pleasure right in your own kitchen area? Let’s dive into the easy yet satisfying procedure of making homemade dulce de leche.


To make homemade dulce de leche, you’ll need simply a couple of fundamental active ingredients:

Milk: Choose whole milk for a richer flavor.

Sugar: Granulated sugar is commonly utilized, but you can experiment with brown sugar for a deeper sugar preference.

Sodium bicarbonate: A pinch of cooking soda helps speed up the caramelization process.


Prior to you start cooking, collect the adhering to equipment:

Saucepan: Choose a heavy-bottomed saucepan to prevent scorching.

Wood Spoon: Perfect for stirring the mixture consistently.

Sweet Thermometer: Makes sure exact temperature control for best outcomes.


Action 1: Combine Milk and Sugar

In the pan, mix together the milk and sugar. For every cup of milk, make use of around 1 cup of sugar. This proportion can be readjusted based on your desired sweetness degree.

Stage 2: Intensity the Blend

Place the pot over tool intensity and blend the combination up until the sugar breaks down completely. Show restriction during this action; it may call for a number of moments for the sugar to integrate into the milk completely.

Action 3: Add Baking Soda

As soon as the sugar has liquified, add a pinch of baking soda to the blend. The sodium bicarbonate helps promote the Maillard reaction, which is in charge of the caramelization procedure.

Food preparation Refine

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Turn the heat to reduced and allow the mixture simmer gently. Avoid rushing the process; sluggish cooking enables the tastes to develop fully and causes a smoother structure.

Blending is Vital

Make use of a wood spoon to continuously mix the blend. This keeps the milk from singing and warranties also caramelization.

Keeping an eye on Temperature

Keep an eye on the temperature with the candy thermostat. The ideal temperature variety for dulce de leche is between 220 ° F to 240 ° F (104 ° C to 116 ° C).

Consistency Inspect Visual Hints As the combination chefs, it will progressively darken in color, transforming into a rich sugar hue. Keep a close look for the wanted color and consistency.

Spoon Test To inspect if the dulce de leche prepares, dip a spoon right into the mix and raise it out. The dulce de leche need to layer the spoon heavily without leaking off also swiftly.

Cooling and Looking after Chilling Off the Dulce de Leche At the factor when the perfect uniformity is gotten to, erase the pot from the power and let the dulce de leche cool to room temperature level.

Doing away with for At some point in the future Move the dulce de leche to a spotless, water/air evidence holder and store it in the cooler. It quite possibly might be saved for as long as concerning fourteen days, despite the reality that it’s most likely not going to maintain going that long!

Serve and Value Versatile Objectives Distinctively crafted dulce de leche can be used in different means. Spread it on toast, bath it over ice cream, or use it as a loading for cakes and heated product. The possible results are limitless!

Appreciating Dulce de Leche Construct your loved ones, and delight in the creamy pleasantness of hand crafted dulce de leche. Whether pleased in straight from the spoon or integrated into your # 1 breads, being a group pleaser is particular.

End Making custom made dulce de leche is a compensating culinary experience that brings the sort of Latin America directly right into your cooking area. With only a couple of basic repairings and some persistence, you can make a wanton treat that is specific to intrigue.

FAQs Could I at any point make use of low-fat milk to make dulce de leche?

While you can make use of low-fat milk, keep in mind that the end-product may not be almost as rich and smooth as while utilizing entire milk.

Why is cooking soda contributed to the blend?

Cooking soda assists increase the caramelization with handling by progressing the Maillard response, causing a much more profound flavor and variety.

What quantity of time does it require to make dulce de leche?

The food preparation system can take someplace in the range of 1 to 3 hours, set upon the optimal density and consistency.

Will dulce de leche be frozen?

Without a doubt, dulce de leche can be frozen for longer capacity. Move it to a cooler secure owner and defrost in the refrigerator prior to making use of.

Consider the opportunity that my dulce de leche is exceedingly thick.

On the occasion that the dulce de leche becomes exceedingly thick, you can tenderly heat it with a sprinkle of milk to get to the suitable uniformity.

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